Close up of overflowing bathroom sink

Slow Water Drainage – Problem Solving Guide

PDF contains information for owners if drains appear to be blocking.

If you are still encountering problems after using this problem solving guide and any other relevant guides found on this page contact Waste Water Maintenance Ltd for advice / assistance on 027-577-7744 or email

High Level Alarm Picture

High Level Alarm Activation

PDF contains information for owners on ‘what to do’ if the high level alarm activates

Finished fusion example

Watch: How to clean your disc filter


Fusion Technical Specification Sheet

PDF contains information and a diagram of our Fusion system.


General Information (hi-ab & hole sizes)

PDF contains a guide of general information for hi-ab trucks used for delivery and hole sizes for tank installation.


Septic Pump-Out Specification Sheet

PDF contains information and a diagram of our Septic Pump-out system.


Septic Tank Specification Sheet

PDF contains general information, photo and diagram of our Septic Tank


Dripper Line Setup with Examples

PDF contains a general guide on how to set up a basic dripper line as well as a few examples of possible line layouts.


Mini Filter Setup

PDF contains a setup diagram for your new Mini Filter system.