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Winery Waste

Demand for our ecocycle wastewater treatment plants and technical expertise has broadened across rural markets from residential, commercial business premises, cafes/restaurants, campgrounds and now to winery waste. Contact ecocycle to assist in your next winery waste project big or small we have the right treatment system for you.


Ordering your ecocycle treatment system

We have introduced lead times on all orders.  Please ensure you contact us to have your order penciled in to avoid disappointment.


We Are On The Move

Due to having outgrown our current premises we are on the move.  We will still be operating out of Tauranga.  Contact numbers remain the same.

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Christmas Operating Hours

From all the team here at Ecocycle we wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2018.   We are closed from 3pm Friday 22nd December to Monday January 8th, 8am The answerphone will be on and cleared regularly.  For sales/order inquiries or for Waste Water Maintenance Ltd call our office line 07 543 1594 to leave a message.    

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Own an ecocycle? We need your contact details…

If you own an ecocycle and haven't had contact from us, it will be because your builder/installer has not provided us with those details or the information supplied is incorrect.  It is important that you have a manual, understand how to care for your system and are registered on our servicing database.  Please email your details to or feel free to give us a call.  


Concerned about power costs?

No need to worry about power costs; with an Ecocycle wastewater treatment system you will not be discovering unpleasant surprises in your power bills.  Find out why our system consumes the least amount of energy when compared with other independently tested and council approved systems in New Zealand.  Call us on 07 543 1594 or email us through the contact page.


ANY Certifying Drainlayer Can Install An Ecocycle..

Authorised installers NOT required!  Ecocycle treatment systems arrive complete and ready for installation.  As long as you hold a current Certifying Drainlayer License, you can install an Ecocycle system. Simple. Contact us to find out more.


The foods you should never put down your sink….

It is important that the guidelines are followed as found on our website for looking after your onsite wastewater treatment system, however it is interesting to note that anyone living in a home connected to a municipal wastewater system could help to avoid blockages, damage and unnecessary maintenance work to drains by also considering what goes down the sink. Open this blog to follow a link to

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Christmas Holidays

  We will be closed from Friday December 23rd 2016 to Monday 9th January 2017.   If you need to get hold of us, don't worry, the answerphone will be on and checked regularly throughout the holiday break.  Call 07 543 1594.   Happy Holidays from all of us here at Ecocycle  


Antibacterial Soap Vs Hand Soap

Think about what goes down your drains. Products containing antibacterial properties can be harmful to the environment and wastewater treatment systems (onsite or municipal).…