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Water NZ


Water NZ have published an informative document for PROPERTY OWNERS with onsite wastewater treatment systems (download here) This document addresses frequently asked questions and covers topics such as: manufacturers, installers, types of systems, the basics for caring for an

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Own an ecocycle? We need your contact details…

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Own an ecocycle and haven’t contacted us?  It is important that you have a manual, understand how to care for your system and are registered on our servicing database.  Please email your details to or feel free to give

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Concerned about power costs?


No need to worry about power costs; with an Ecocycle wastewater treatment system you will not be discovering unpleasant surprises in your power bills.  Find out why our system consumes the least amount of energy when compared with other independently tested and

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The foods you should never put down your sink….


It is important that the guidelines are followed as found on our website for looking after your onsite wastewater treatment system, however it is interesting to note that anyone living in a home connected to a municipal wastewater system could help

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Similar Waste Water Treatment Systems?

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Please be aware that any company claiming that their wastewater product is similar to ours is making false statements, we strongly advise you to look very closely at any company making such a claim. Products we manufacture have taken years

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Ecocycle – Passive Wastewater Systems

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Yippee! The summer holidays are almost here.  You will be pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to know that if you have an ecocycle wastewater treatment system and are planning to be away from your property for a vacation, there is ‘absolutely

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  Welcome to the brand new Ecocycle blog! We intend to use this blog to publish information about our systems, the environment and current projects.  We understand that anyone looking at installing an onsite wastewater treatment plant will have questions

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Welcome to our new website


We are pleased as punch with our new website! Did you notice the slight change to our logo?

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